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Chaplain Patrice Burns

Choosing your Wedding Officiant is an important part of your wedding planning. Finding someone who can feel the joy of your love and your story, and create a ceremony to celebrate it, is so important. 

I believe in love and I have always believed in fairy tales. Becoming a wedding officiant was as close as I could get on a daily basis.

I am an easy going, open-minded and loving person. I enjoy meeting and sharing stories with the people along my path. I take time to help you to make your ceremony special. I want to hear your ideas, your concerns and your dreams so I am prepared to guide you through the process.

You are invited to include any special poems, personal vows and unity ceremonies to make the day you dreamed of come true. I share ceremonies for couples from all backgrounds, cultures, genders and religions.

I would be so honoured to create a wedding service that reflects you as a couple. You may want the simple “I Do” ceremony (short or traditional) or you may want a blending of the sand, hand fasting, unity candles or even the jumping of the broom ceremony. All of this is your personal decision as you are the VIPs.

I consider my role as an Officiant not only a blessing but an opportunity to have fun and to help bring people together. As we celebrate your special union we will share tears of joy as well as laughter. Most of all we will be creating the memories of this very important occasion that will last a lifetime. I cannot wait to connect because there is so much magic in the planning. Please reach out to book an introduction call or to ask any questions.


Onsite Options:

- A labyrinth ceremony- a unique way to celebrate your union

-"The Quickie" -2 witnesses and including the simple bare necessities.

- Drive Up - Quickie or Vow Renewal

- Bridal Party Morning - includes meditation, preparation for wedding, munchies, up to and including the ceremony

- Bridal party Evening- includes dinner and sleep over for 6, breakfast, preparation for wedding, munchies, up to and including the ceremony


Location Weddings: traveling to you and your venue


Special Offering: Human Design and Astrology session to help you better understand your own love language and the interconnectedness of your relationship. Additional fees apply.


Contact Chaplain Patrice at



My husband and I were so lucky to have had Patrice conduct our wedding ceremony. She met with us before the wedding to learn about us, our relationship, and what we wanted for the ceremony. Patrice’s ceremony was more special that we could have ever hoped for. The beautiful imagery and sentiment she conveyed in her speech brought us both to tears. The way she speaks about love is so unique and we received many, many compliments from our guests after the ceremony on how lovely it was. We had never heard something so beautiful, and we are so grateful it was a part of our wedding. Patrice is so full of life, love, and energy, and if you want your wedding ceremony to be filled with the same, you must have Patrice conduct it. Thank you for making our day perfect!

Gage and Callum

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