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You've found the love of your life, an enthusiastic "yes!" rang out as the ring was presented, and you’ve set the date for your perfect wedding. 

What's next? A lot!

Even planning a simple wedding involves far more than you may have realized. The coming days and weeks and months will be very busy! 

You'll be -

  • Ordering invitations

  • Choosing the perfect setting for the event

  • Deciding what to feed your guests

  • Finding a photographer with the skill and insight to take photos that will capture the day's joy.

  • Selecting a personable officiant - and making sure she or he has not only the talent but also the willingness to create a wonderful and memorable ceremony….

And then there are the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the flowers, hair and make-up, dresses, tuxes, attendants' gifts, music, videography, limo service, theme, décor.... it can be overwhelming.

We LOVE what we do. We love hearing our couples' delight when they discover they CAN have it their way. We love the happy notes they send us afterward. We love knowing that another couple has a memory that will bring smiles and renewed joy for years to come. And, especially, we love knowing that we helped make it happen.

As a wedding officiant for more than 30 years, I have performed hundreds of weddings and have encountered warm, wonderful professionals who are good at what they do and work with each couple to make their wedding an exceptional experience. Our team knows that good weddings begin with good relationships, and good relationships take time.

The people on this site really do want to put the "awesome" in your wedding, putting you and your wishes first and providing you with superior service. We're ready to help you get from the “I do's” to the happily ever after, as smoothly and easily as possible.

Blessings as you plan your very special day,

Deborah Vaughan

and Team Awesome Wedding Pros

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Our Team Awesome Wedding Officiants' success comes NOT as a result of aggressive marketing and promotion; it comes because they feel the same way you do: The wedding is YOUR day, and you ought to be able to have your wedding celebrated in the way that YOU want, and they're willing to give you the personal attention you need to create that wedding.

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